The basic principle of marketing is "Don't lose the sight of your customers", holds true for every business and we are not exception. We are an
 ISO-9001:2008 CERTIFIED company established in 1997 by Sh. Sudarshan Jain and Sh. Inderjit Jain with 100% export objective.


The keyword to survival are dynamism and adaptability, Mr. Chandresh Jain , a dynamic personality is now managing the unit and his personal magnetism and coordination with staff has brought the unit to new heights. We have high qualified , skilled and highly motivated work team due to which the unit never looks back.


We believe that the major asset of company is the good will of its loyal and satisfied customer base and we are committed to provide quality products at genuine price and timely service.It is for the sake of the objective of " customers is always first " we have been developing new products as per best quality standards and to the entire satisfaction of our customers.


We are committed for the entire satisfaction of our customer by providing quality product as per their requirements and strive to continual improvements in delivery time period.


Quality is never an accident .It is always the result of intelligent efforts with this objective we train our technical personnel and we have sources in foreign countries for technical consultancy.

The Company is well equipped with all the modern testing equipments, Expert technicians, Experienced staff, Skilled workers and above all the reputation of the company.


We have an established domestic and export network which would not have been possible without dedicating ourselves to quality standards of our products. We heed utmost importance to productivity and rejection in our products and profound customer satisfaction.

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